It’s not what you say, but how you say it!

Let us say what you want to say by making your message attractive, concise and grammatically correct.

Effective copywriting consists of proper research and review of existing information to be transferred to copy that is informative, tailored to appeal to the target audience and draws attention to the key content without boring the reader. Copywriting of Web content copy in particular, must be written with a view to optimizing the ability of search engines to identify with the copy and rank the content accordingly.

D&S’s copywriting service prides itself on its ability to properly formulate and structure copy to maximize effect, no matter what form of publication. Poorly written copy, although quite possibly containing all relevant information, causes the reader to disengage and move on, regardless of how fantastic a service or product or how informative an article may be. Copywriting is the art of taking all that relevant information and structuring it to grab the attention of the reader.

Choosing the right copywriting service contributes directly to the level of success of your business or organisation and D&S Effective Communications welcomes the opportunity to form an integral part of that success.

With access to an efficient, cost-effective, quality and service driven printing works, D&S is able to provide an integrated copywriting and printing service at competitive pricing and excellent service levels.

Your partner in effective communication

David Allen


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P.O. Box 281,
Nigel, Gauteng, 1490,
South Africa

Tel: +27 79 407 3107

Email: david.allen@effective-communications.com or info@effective-communications.co.za


“David has a solid business and corporate background which is reflected in his writing style, research and review and attention to detail and focuses on delivering excellent copy in accordance with our briefs, on time and accurately reflecting what Redefine wants to portray to its various stakeholders, whether investors, clients, brokers, the general public or staff members. I have no hesitation in recommending David as an effective and efficient copywriter, capable of producing corporate reports, web content, press releases and other articles.”

- Marijke Coetzee, Redefine Properties